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I made a group in game and my discord I normally use for my stream and viewers. Trying to get an active community of mic users because well.... typing is for plebs. https://discord.gg/bH4TjG5 Gnarstache is my IGN. Add me up and ill sen...
Published Jun 23, 2017
Each Hero have 2 attributes. For example, War Machines are Strength and Durability. (War Machines's power was supposed to be Strength. Beast, Angela, Gambita and Luke Cage 's synergy were added their main power. ) When I got some...
Published Jun 23, 2017
I think there might be a boss still alive... submitted by /u/TurkuSama [link] [comments]
Published Jun 23, 2017
It's been a while since I stacked the boosts and decided to farm boxes. What are the best current places to farm them? Characters o specific builds? I when the boost was released, I used to read a lot of info about farming, including...
Published Jun 23, 2017
There's so much currency that I, as a new player, got quickly overwhelmed. And they know the fan favorites that you can't get the Hero you'd like out of the bat. I haven't played such a restricted F2P game. submitt...
Published Jun 23, 2017
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Key codes are used to redeem free items from the Marvel Heroes website. You must be logged into your account on marvelhereos.com to do so. Some key codes have given free pets, free team-ups, free heroes and more.

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Keep MH Bugle Bugleing!

This week there was speculation on the Marvel Heroes Omega Discord Server that there might be some foul-play going on in the PC Anniversary Leaderboard Tournament.  This was because withing seconds after the daily reset of the leaderboard there were several people with 400+ points which typically would take a very long time to obtain. As you can see below, several people are over 400 points within seconds of the leaderboard being reset.

So, on our Discord Server, FlatPancake posed the question to the Gazillion Community Manager, Komoriman (David) asking how this could be possible.

David (Komoriman) looked into it and responded with the answer as well as some additional information.

Thanks to Komoriman being active on the Discord chat server and responding to questions, we found out no foul-play was involved and that the Anniversary vendor will be available for a month after the event ends.


Do you have questions about the Xbox One console release of Marvel Heroes Omega? If so, you should check out the official Xbox One Q&A Forum Post posted by Komoriman this week.

Some of the questions answered are:

  • What kind of exclusives do Xbox One players get?
  • Do Xbox Live Gold Members get a free hero unlock?
  • Do we need Xbox Live Gold to play Marvel Heroes Omega?
  • Will Xbox One players get Couch Co-Op?
  • Are any progression wipes planned for Xbox One?
  • Will PC and console players be able to play together?
  • Will my progress/characters/anything transfer over to Xbox One?
  • Will there be a beta or early access period for Xbox One?
  • What modes will be available?
  • Which regions will the Xbox One version of Marvel Heroes Omega be available in?

Check it out!


Due to the issues with Mac users being unable to access the game for approximately seven days during this 4th year anniversary, all PC players are receiving a one-time gift of 365 Marvel Heroes Anniversary Cake Slices and five each of the Red, Yellow and Blue Cupcakes upon login between 6/22 and 6/28.

This was officially announced today by Komoriman in the forums.

"With the tools we have, we can't pull individual MAC users apart from non-MAC users. So... all players who log-in from 6/22 to 6/28 will receive a 1 time gift of...

  • 365 Marvel Heroes Anniversary Cake Slice
  • 5 Red Cupcake
  • 5 Yellow Cupcake
  • 5 Blue Cupcake

Sorry for the delay and thanks."


As promised in the PC Content Timeline for Marvel Heroes in 2017 which posted a late July release date for playable Carnage, his Spider Carnage costume was shown in yesterday's Twitch Stream and it looks quite good!

Along with this spoiler they gave away many prizes throughout the stream including multiple Carnage packs and Advance Pack 3 gifts!  Other prizes included Netflix Luke Cage Packs, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Packs and Beast/Jubilee Packs. 

Congratulations to all the winners!

It was also mentioned that two of the player community selected hero costumes were soon to be released. The two costumes are:


Sabretooth - Wolverine


Storm Extreme


Gazillion announced today that Marvel Heroes Omega launches on June 30, 2017 for Microsoft’s Xbox One®, the same date that Marvel Heroes Omega on PlayStation®4 will transition out of Open Beta.

This renewed launch date will allow Gazillion to provide players with the best possible Marvel Heroes Omega experience on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 30, 2017. The launch will follow a series of notable patches and improvements made during Closed Beta and Open Beta phases based on player feedback, addressing gameplay, ease-of-use, hero balances, bug fixes, and more. 

Marvel Heroes Omega
 is currently in Open Beta on PlayStation 4. Players can download and start playing today for free with no additional account wipes. All progress will carry over when the game transitions from Open Beta and launches on June 30, 2017. 

It’s also still not too late to purchase a Marvel Heroes Omega Founder’s Pack for PlayStation 4! Founder’s Packs offer the best value for fan favorite heroes and teams -- and will remain available for purchase until June 30, 2017. Founder’s Packs can be found for sale on the PlayStation®Store website and via the PlayStation 4 console.

Expect more details on the upcoming Xbox One Founder’s Pack sales soon. 


MH Bugle is Cool
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Newest Hero!

Marvel Heroes has added the 62nd playable hero in the game's lineup, Nick Fury!

Nicholas Joseph Fury enlisted in the armed services during World War II and would ultimately command one of the Allied forces' most elite squads—the Howling Commandos. But as the war took its toll, an explosive injury would cause him to become immunized with the Infinity Formula to save his life.

Add Nick Fury to your roster Now!

Marvel Heroes 62nd Hero: Nick Fury!

Discuss Nick Fury

Excited for Nick Fury? Drop by the Nick Fury Forums for in-depth discussions on his powers, future costumes, and more.

Marvel Heroes has added the 61st playable hero in the game's lineup, Black Bolt!

Having experienced terrigenesis before he was born, Blackagar Boltagon was granted frighteningly destructive powers, a voice strong enough to destroy whole worlds. Finding silent companionship in one of his few visitors, Medusalith Amaquelin, the two’s romance would blossom into marriage.

Marvel Heroes 61st Hero: Black Bolt!

Discuss Black Bolt

Excited for Black Bolt? Drop by the Black Bolt Forums for in-depth discussions on his powers, future costumes, and more.

Marvel Heroes has added the 60th playable hero in the game's lineup, Beast!  Genius. Athlete. X-Man. But to most, he is simply Beast.

Marvel Heroes 60th Hero: Beast!

Discuss Beast

Excited for Beast? Drop by the Beast Forums for in-depth discussions on his powers, future costumes, and more.

Marvel Heroes has added the 59th playable hero in the game's lineup, Angela!  Angela is a fierce warrior raised by Angels in Heven.

View Angela Details Now!

The Angela Hero Pack is available now.

Included in the hero pack are: Angela, 2 Costumes, Angela Hero Stash, 6x Fortune Cards and 2 XP Boosts.

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