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25% OfF Stash Sale!

50% OfF Fortune Cards Sale!

50% OfF Sale!

Free Baby Groot Pet!

CIVIL WAR Packs Return!

AGE OF ULTRON Fortune Card

Team-up with Ghostrider and Quake

Variant Costumes are back!

Celebrate Marvel's Luke Cage!

Halloween Half Off Heroes & Costumes Sale!

Green Goblin Jack O' Lantern!

FREE Black Cat!

Super Hero & Costume BOGO Sale!

Buy One Get One Hero/Costume Sale

Boost Bonanza Sale - Boosts Going Away!

New Variant Costumes: Series 5

New Team-Up: Jubilee!

Iron Fist Netflix Costume in Store!

Wolverine & X-23 Sale!

50% Off Team-Up and Pet Sale!

Fortune Favors You Sale!

Bonus Gs Sale

Marvel Heroes Omega subreddit
Hi guys, i am a very new player, i just got iceman to Cosmic gameplay so i am working on farming few of the artifacts and medallions, i just have few questions: artifacts have a very low drop rate? i have killed kurse maybe 50 times tod...
Published Sep 21, 2017
Has Gaz ever stated a timeframe for how long each Costume rotation is for Essence? I have over 200 essence and want Planet Hulk so bad but week after week it is always "not for sale." submitted by /u/CriticalCompo...
Published Sep 21, 2017
I've been out of the game for a while. Has any news happened regarding the Omega patch and endgame content for the console game? Edit: Sounds like no... submitted by /u/TrixRidiculous [link] [comments]
Published Sep 20, 2017
I am aware of the list that deals with the PC side of things, but is there a list for console only? Maybe a build guide just for PS4. A lot of the BIS for the PC don't appear yet in the console version. submitted by /u/...
Published Sep 19, 2017
How am i supposed to get a group to do dungeons and raids when the PS4 version has no text chat and no group finder? submitted by /u/Dumoanos [link] [comments]
Published Sep 19, 2017
PC Release Notes (Windows/Mac)
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Keep MH Bugle Bugleing!


The box has a chance for these costumes:

  • Ant-Man Marvel's CA:CW Movie Costume
  • Black Panther Marvel's CA:CW Movie Costume
  • Hawkeye Marvel's CA:CW Movie Costume
  • Captain America Marvel's CA:CW Movie Costume
  • War Machine Marvel's CA:CW Movie Costume
  • Black Widow Marvel's CA:CW Movie Costume
  • Spider-Man Marvel's CA:CW Movie Costume
  • Iron Man Marvel's CA:CW Movie Costume
  • Scarlet Witch Marvel's CA:CW Movie Costume

Additionally, this week is your last chance to grab the Hell's Kitchen Loot Box before it leaves the in-game store on September 14th!

One final note -  The Mighty Women Loot box has been extended to purchase those costumes with Marvelous Essence for an additional week, which will also end on September 14th along with the Hell's Kitchen Loot Box.

source1 source2

Announced a few minutes ago on Twitter:

"We're exited to announce that Venom, the Lethal Protector, will be available Thursday (9/14) on Xbox One & PS4 for a limited time!"


Have you picked up “Marvel Heroes Omega” for your PS4 or Xbox One yet? Well if you’ve been waiting for some Inhumans action, Gazillion has you covered. A new-to-console Black Bolt will be joining the playable cast with a costume inspired by his small screen look, as well as a fresh take on his classic outfit fans will no doubt dig. Coupled with a new Inhumans event introducing a new big boss and new items, you’ll never want to go back to the blue side of the moon!

“With Black Bolt, we introduce players to one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel cannon,” said Anthony Gallegos, Designer at Gazillion. “With a voice that can destroy anything just by whispering, as well as an array of energy powers, super-human speed, and more, we can’t wait for players to try the king of the Inhumans for themselves. Black Bolt’s silence is only a reminder of his power and restraint — prepare to be awed when he decides to grace (or destroy) your very essence by daring to speak a word.”

To me, this means that Black Bolt is coming to console by the end of this month. PC already has Black Bolt with two costumes so I suppose console players can expect Black Bolt and three costumes for him.

Since PC isn't mentioned I'm not sure this costume will be available but I'm pretty sure it will be.

source1 source2

View Omega Prestige Q&A Forum Topic

Ever since the announcement of the Omega Prestige system, players have been very vocal with questions and comments on this new system. Omega Prestige was announced for PS4 and XB1 Consoles with Spider-Man being the first hero to receive the new feature to start. 

The forum topic has been created to open up a question and answer area to help address a few of players most common questions and concerns about Omega Prestige, and what the future holds for this feature.

As far as the PC platform is concerned, there has been much discussion as to how this prestige system will translate to that platform. There was a thread posted in the PC Forums Here that you might be interested in reading. The thread has been closed from further posting, however.

NOTE: Closest thing to an official word on PC Omega Prestige is this from Asros in the forums in this thread.

"We are planning on bringing this to PC. It requires the "omega patch" for the system to function, so it is estimated to release sometime after that"


MH Bugle is Cool
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Newest Hero!

Marvel Heroes has added the 63rd playable hero in the PC game's lineup, Carnage!

In the midst of a jailbreak, the Venom symbiote spawned an offspring that bonded to Cletus, creating a symbiote that was stronger and deadlier than either Spider-Man or Venom. Inverted by the events of Axis, Carnage appears to be acting heroic...kind of. Still prone to his violent tendencies, Carnage now fights on the side of the heroes, hacking up any bad guys who cross his path.

Add Carnage to your roster Now!

Marvel Heroes 63rd Hero: Carnage!

Discuss Carnage

Excited for Carnage? Drop by the Carnage Forum Thread for in-depth discussions on his powers, future costumes, and more.

Marvel Heroes has added the 62nd playable hero in the game's lineup, Nick Fury!

Nicholas Joseph Fury enlisted in the armed services during World War II and would ultimately command one of the Allied forces' most elite squads—the Howling Commandos. But as the war took its toll, an explosive injury would cause him to become immunized with the Infinity Formula to save his life.

Add Nick Fury to your roster Now!

Marvel Heroes 62nd Hero: Nick Fury!

Discuss Nick Fury

Excited for Nick Fury? Drop by the Nick Fury Forums for in-depth discussions on his powers, future costumes, and more.

Marvel Heroes has added the 61st playable hero in the game's lineup, Black Bolt!

Having experienced terrigenesis before he was born, Blackagar Boltagon was granted frighteningly destructive powers, a voice strong enough to destroy whole worlds. Finding silent companionship in one of his few visitors, Medusalith Amaquelin, the two’s romance would blossom into marriage.

Marvel Heroes 61st Hero: Black Bolt!

Discuss Black Bolt

Excited for Black Bolt? Drop by the Black Bolt Forums for in-depth discussions on his powers, future costumes, and more.

Marvel Heroes has added the 60th playable hero in the game's lineup, Beast!  Genius. Athlete. X-Man. But to most, he is simply Beast.

Marvel Heroes 60th Hero: Beast!

Discuss Beast

Excited for Beast? Drop by the Beast Forums for in-depth discussions on his powers, future costumes, and more.

Marvel Heroes has added the 59th playable hero in the game's lineup, Angela!  Angela is a fierce warrior raised by Angels in Heven.

View Angela Details Now!

The Angela Hero Pack is available now.

Included in the hero pack are: Angela, 2 Costumes, Angela Hero Stash, 6x Fortune Cards and 2 XP Boosts.

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