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Published Jun 29, 2017
I know that Ps4 has it already as far as the beta. But what time can I expect it to show up on Xbox? Midnight, 6am? This is a question i haven't seen asked here. submitted by /u/Xyphilis [link] [comments]
Published Jun 29, 2017
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Today I opened a bunch of the new cards and it had items like this in it. They give +1 to two attributes which is a 8% damage buff, with a duration of 1 hour and a cooldown of 1 hour. Basically it's always up if you consume one every...
Published Jun 29, 2017
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Keep MH Bugle Bugleing!

Last night on Twitter Asros (Brian Waggoner) let loose some spoliers for the upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming event which will feature some new content like the Daily Bugle building and Vulture as a new boss.

Here are his tweets. :-)

This move was suspected to be coming for quite some time by many of those on the Marvel Heroes Omega Discord Server and on the forums. It's now been officially stated in the latest PC Test Center patch notes and the in-game broadcast message.



Starting on July 1, 2017, the following Heroes will no longer be available to purchase with Gs: Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Thing, Human Torch, and Silver Surfer. You will have until Wednesday (6/28) at 2:00PM PDT to purchase those heroes with Eternity Splinters.

"Under Gazillion’s renewed licensing agreement we do not have the rights to continue selling these characters moving forward."

Dr. Doom is NOT being removed and will still be available for purchase. For some reason it seems part of the Marvel license renewal mandated that the Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer be removed as purchasable.

Mole Man has been removed from Midtown Patrol.

As mentioned, if you already own any of the affected Heroes or costumes, you won’t be losing them. Achievements and Login Rewards that currently award a H.E.R.B.I.E. will offer new rewards. Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer-related achievements will remain, but will not be attainable without these Heroes.

All Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Mister Fantastic, Thing, and Silver Surfer hero tokens are now pure Ultimate Upgrade Tokens, and can no longer be used to unlock those heroes. Replaced Fantastic Four Insignias with Inhuman Insignias. Fantastic Four Insignias will no longer drop in-game.

The following costumes will be affected:

  • Spider-Man Future Foundation (& Black Variant)
  • Spider-Man Bag Man
  • Ghost Rider – What if?
  • Doctor Doom Future Foundation
  • Mr. Fantastic Future Foundation
  • Invisible Woman Future Foundation
  • Thing Future Foundation
  • Mr. Fantastic All New Marvel NOW!
  • Invisible Woman’s Ultimate FF
  • Thing All New Marvel NOW!
  • Thing Black Jersey
  • Thing Fantastic Pants
  • Thing Fear Itself
  • Thing Incognito
  • Thing Modern
  • Human Torch 2099
  • Human Torch Classic Blue
  • Human Torch Light Brigade
  • Human Torch Modern
  • Human Torch Original
  • Human Torch Red
  • Human Torch Uncanny Inhumans
  • Silver Surfer Classic
  • Silver Surfer Exiles
  • Silver Surfer Keeper
  • Silver Surfer Silver Savage

Even though the Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer will be unavailable to purchase starting on July 1, Gazillion will continue to support these Heroes with the upcoming Omega items, ongoing tuning, bug fixing, and the same attention we give to all characters in our ever-growing roster of playable Heroes and Villains.

Console players never had these heroes or costumes and based on this, won't gain them going forward.

The Test Center forum post has since been removed.


Recently a post in the Marvel Heroes Omega forum announcing coming changes to the Loot Boxes and Hero Costumes sent the player community into a tizzy.  It seemed that acquiring costumes was being put behind a pay-wall requiring the purchase of Loot Boxes which would possibly drop random costumes with dupes being able to be converted to Marvelous Essence which could then be used to purchase costumes.

The Marvel Heroes forum, twitter, discord and reddit were ablaze with comments opposed to these changes.

This was due to the fact that details on the mechanics of these changes were missing. Pundits were quick to condemn the "improvements" based on this lack of detailed information.

But then, in stepped Asros, a Gazillion Game Designer who managed to quell the fear tide. By providing live, real-time answers to questions posed on the forums, reddit and twitter, Asros (Brian Waggoner) was able to clear up many misunderstandings about the coming changes.

Here are the details:

Q: Can you provide some more details about this change?

A: Just want to clear up a few points. (Asros)

  1. Starting with this update, there will be gameplay methods to acquire loot boxes. You will be granted some as you reach certain milestones(leveling a character, for example) and over time we will be adding more ways to earn them.

  2. In the current boxes, all 12 costumes are in the rarest tier of items. We have changed that to spread the majority of them down in to more common tiers so you will be seeing them more than you have before. However, dupe values of essence are not all the same now, lower rarity costumes will grant less essence since you will be getting them more often.

  3. The Marvelous loot box will be getting revisions about every 2 months or so, and there will almost always be a second "rotating" thematic loot box that we are planning to change every few weeks. The net result is far more costumes available over time. All boxes will use the same currency, so if you have essence stockpiled, you can get newly released costumes day one from the vendor. We are also working to allow the purchase of costumes straight from the roster and store with dust, so you can bypass the vendor if you so choose.

  4. My #1 focus right now is to make these boxes feel awesome to players. I am 100% committed to reading and considering feedback from you all. We have some new tech in the works for costumes to make them even cooler that I can't wait to share with you.

Q: So if someone already has many leveled character etc will it retroactively reward these players with boxes after the patch? (Xcheese)

A: Yes! You will have several boxes in your inventory waiting for you after the patch. (Asros)

Q: In regards to point 1 and leveling, is this retroactive? (TonyBing)

A: Yep. 100% retroactive. (Asros)

Q: How will holiday boxes or celebration boxes be treated? (I'm thinking Spiderman Homecoming boxes) Same currency type as the other boxes? (Jestuh)

A: Yep. Same currency across all boxes. (Asros)

Q: Why in the bloody hell would the information like these becoming acquirable in game not be mentioned in the announcement? That is literally the only part of this that is an improvement and it was left out. Because I am very, very sure that this information wasn't planned at all, BEFORE the outrage. (MercwithMouth82)

A: No, this was actually in the works far before the decision to put all costumes in boxes. It started with us wanting to onboard players to the store better, and we expanded it from there. Over time, we're committed to adding new ways of acquiring boxes through gameplay, for events and other means. (Asros)

Q: Don't you think that having content and fixing bugs is more important than loot boxes and cosmetics? (iULTiMa)

A: We [have] many teams focusing on different aspects of the game. It isn't a binary thing. Building revenue generating systems to be the best they can be is imperative for a f2p game so that we can continue to bring you new content. (Asros)

Q: Exactly how and when will players earn these Loot Boxes via gameplay?

A: In the next patch, players will earn one-time boxes at 5, 12, 15 and 30, then one box for every level 60. This will also work retroactively. (Asros)

Q: Are you saying that going forward we will NEVER be able to buy a costume again from the store with G?!?! (Theonerayman)

A: From time to time, we'll put certain individual costumes on the store for you to purchase a la carte. (Asros)

Q: So do you only get the 5, 12,15 and 30 boxes one time across all characters or do you get them from lvling all characters? (demonsamura)

A: You would acquire a one-time box for each of those levels. (Asros)

Q: So the # earnable is finite at launch? (Xcheese)

A: As we release more heroes (Black Cat being the 1st), you have another chance to grab a box when you hit 60. (Komoriman)

Q: So will all costumes be available at all time for marvelous essence? Or will only the one rotated in the boxes be available? (Ccaps512)

A: The costumes that are available in the current loots boxes will be available at Moondragon for purchase with Marvelous Essence. (Komoriman)

Q: How will we be able to acquire costumes on the Xbox One?

A: We haven't finalized yet on how costumes will be acquired on Xbox One yet so there is a chance that you may purchase the costumes a la carte or from the certain packs on the Xbox Marketplace. (Komoriman)

Q: When the founder packs on the PSN store aren't longer founder packs but simply character packs come June 30th, will they still contain the initial amount of G and boosts they contained since closed beta? (MercwithMouth82)

A: So the packs we have up now in the PSN store will remain. The "Founder's" tag will be removed along with the info about getting the timed-exclusives bonuses. All heroes, costumes, G's, and items will remain the packs. (Komoriman)

Q: In regards to essence, why are most players recieving essence when buying the new bundles for heroes they already own while others are not? (BullShifter)

A: To confirm, you purchased a hero but got a bundle that already had that hero? If that's the case, you should be getting G's instead not Marvelous Essence. (Komoriman)

Q: How do we obtain Marvelous Essence? Sorry. Xbox here. :-) Looking forward to it! (RavenDeth)

A: You get 4 essence per box baseline, and with chances at more. Each duplicate costume you get converts in to it. Works like PC FC currency (Asros)

Q: Is there a way to obtain Essence through Prestige? People think there should be from what I hear on the Discord server. (RavenDeth)

A: Not in the next patch, but we are looking at options. (Asros)

source1 source2

Komoriman, Gazillion Community Member, posted information about Improvements to Loot Boxes and Costume Changes in the Omega forum yesterday which has upset several players.

Needless to say, many players are upset with these changes for acquiring specific hero costumes they desire. There are no real details on what would be required to obtain the costumes of your choice so maybe that's part of the issue.

We've asked Komoriman for clarity on this issue and hopefully will receive some more details on how this change will affect players ability and cost to acquire the costumes of their choice.


That's right, the 4th Anniversary is ending with a bang! All events and all sales have been effective since 6/22 and will be ending on 6/28. If you haven't been playing or there's something you're wanted, now is the time to act.  

I don't have an exact time for the end of the event/sales. I'm assuming it's either Midnight 6/28 Pacific time or it will end with a patch at 6am on 6/29.  To be safe I'd plan on the earlier time. :-) 


MH Bugle is Cool
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Marvel Heroes has added the 62nd playable hero in the game's lineup, Nick Fury!

Nicholas Joseph Fury enlisted in the armed services during World War II and would ultimately command one of the Allied forces' most elite squads—the Howling Commandos. But as the war took its toll, an explosive injury would cause him to become immunized with the Infinity Formula to save his life.

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Marvel Heroes has added the 59th playable hero in the game's lineup, Angela!  Angela is a fierce warrior raised by Angels in Heven.

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