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Reminder of event Operation Omega +50% XP now in progress
Operation OMEGA! 5/25-5/31 EVENT DETAILS S.H.I.E.L.D. has been infiltrated by HYDRA! Agent Coulson, Nick Fury and Dum Dum Dugan have put OPERATION OMEGA i...
RavenDeth   published Marvel Heroes 4th Anniversary Event Confirmed to Start June 1 on News
Reminder of event PS4 Open Beta now in progress
PS4 Open Beta
RavenDeth   published PS4 Open Beta Launch Trailer Released on News
RavenDeth   published PS4 Players Head Start Woes Quickly Addressed by Gazillion on News
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RavenDeth   published Yearly Anniversary Pet Announced - COSMO! The Russian Space Dog on News
RavenDeth   published Gazillion's Lead Game Designer Posts June 20th Launch Date for Marvel Heroes Omega for Xbox One on News
RavenDeth   published Test Center is Open for PC Players - Bullseye and Hydra Soldier Visual Update on News
RavenDeth   published Gazillion Posts Venom Update Plan & Requests Community Feedback on News
RavenDeth   published Official May Event Schedule Posted - PC Version Only on News
RavenDeth   published PC Content Timeline for Marvel Heroes 2016 Posted by Gazillion Creative Director Jesse Decker on News
RavenDeth   published New Visual Updates Coming in Game Update This Thursday on News
RavenDeth   published GameSpot has 80,000 Playstation 4 Closed Beta Codes to Give Away! on News
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