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Reminder of event Midtown Madness now in progress
Every Monday - Midtown Madness! Special Midtown chests drop and fortune cards.
Reminder of event Odin's Bounty +50% XP now in progress
Odin's Bounty Odin's Bounty returns and features an amazing bonus loot game mode rotation. Bosses will drop Chests of Odin's Bounty. These chests are loot...
RavenDeth   published Costume Wars 2017 - Pick the Costumes You Desire! on News
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RavenDeth   published Test Center Update - Nick Fury, Medusa - Kitty Pride, Luke Cage, Infinity Updates - Black Panther, Nova VUs on News
RavenDeth   published Friday Update Posted - Test Center Info & Nick Fury Costume Preview on News
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RavenDeth   published St. Patrick's Week & Iron Fist Event with Numerous Updates to Black Bolt, Iron Fist and Squirrel Girl Live on News
Reminder of event Iron Fist & St. Patrick's Day now in progress
Iron Fist & St. Patrick's Day
RavenDeth   published First Look at the Next Playable Hero - Nick Fury on News
RavenDeth   published Over 10 New Visual Updates With Latest Patch on News
RavenDeth   published Nova Gets a Visual Update in the Next Patch on News
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RavenDeth   published The 3 Most Popular Marvel Heroes Fan Sites form the "Marvel Heroes Alliance" on News
RavenDeth   published Marvel Heroes Information Graphic Posted on News
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